R&D Programs


Sistímata is a private Information Technology company founded in 1998 focused on training and simulation.
Since its foundation, Sistimata has undertaken simulation projects in the following Defence and Civil training Areas:

Tactical and Operational Simulation.
Flight Training and Simulation.
Business Model Simulation.

Expertise cover all the phases of a simulation project: from creating models and entities, to the development of engines and algorithms. Visualization has been always a key point. Sistímata has developed specific visualization systems and scenery building tools. Adittional effort has been put on the development of training tools and e-learning to allow operators to take out the most of the simulation system.

Sistímata has also developed business process simulators based on system dynamics. These simulators can help the clients to identify the phases, functions and activities of their processes, perform efficiency and cost analysis and compare the results of the simulation considering different level of resources

Company expertise includes:

Virtual and Constructive Simulators.
Command and Control.
Real Time Software.
2D and 3D graphic systems.
IP Video Surveillance.

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