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ScenGen is our exclusive real-time database generation module that can be integrated in any Image Generator. ScenGen creates and visualizes large urban databases on the fly. It supports real-time generation of high quality urban areas with thousands of buildings.

ScenGen works directly on the source data, with minimum disk footprint and database size. Building models are generated on the fly based on rule data directly from the footprints.

ScenGen supports continuous level of detail for all supported layers including buildings, for unprecedented smoothness and realism.

ScenGen supports constan polygon mode. In this mode the used can select the total number of polygons and ScenGen will automatically select LOD's to keep that number. This feature is compatible with continuous level of detail.

High quality buildings are generated procedurally from rules, which take into account specific features such as building height, facade type, density, or area type to generate unique models for each footprint.

ScenGen comes with ScenBuilder Lite, providing all database editing and generation capabilities for ScenGen. ScenBuilder Lite has all the features of the full version, but no export capabilities other than ScenGen's native.

Easy to Integrate with any IG.
Hugh Quality procedural buildings.
Continuous LOD for all layers, including buildings.
Constant Polygon Mode.
Multiple Channel support.
60 Hz frame update.
Minimum Disk Space.

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